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I started coaching in 2006 about 6 months after I had to give up playing snooker due to my spinal condition. As soon as I started up snooker coaching I got very busy and very quickly had a lot of junior players on my books from the Edinburgh area, they all came to me every week without fail. Here are a few links you may find handy – My Official Facebook Page – The coaching section on The Snooker Forum where I try to contribute as often as possible.

I also offer Pool coaching, if you would like to know more about Pool coaching in Edinburgh then please contact me

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I started to receive more and more calls from adults and very quickly built up a varied clientele of juniors and adults, I even had a couple of guys fly over from Finland for the weekend and then a Hungarian lad got in touch and he too came over for the weekend, I can honestly say that they all went away very happy.

I had to stop coaching in 2009 due to health reasons but now I’m back and raring to go, determined to bring through the youngsters, help the established players, and anyone looking to improve their game.

Everyone who knows me or who saw me playing on television knows that I played with so much grit and determination and I can guarantee you that I have brought this forward into my coaching, every client that I work with will receive the upmost respect and attention and if you are willing to work hard and listen to me I can guarantee that you will improve, whether it’s to be the best player in your club, to be a good amateur or to have ambitions of turning professional.

The only condition is that you have to work as hard and put in as much effort as I do

I started up coaching again in 2012 as I am on new medication for my back and feel a lot better.  Again I have built up a nice mixture of junior and adult players, I have my regulars who come to see me every week, my juniors are asking for 2 hours a day instead of the 1 hour sessions they started up with, this tells me that they are keen to learn and are enjoying their lessons.

I went to Milton Keynes to see Nic Barrow for a 6 day course and passed a 14 page exam paper with a 100% pass mark. So now I am an official IBSF & The Snooker Gym Master Coach which is one of the hardest and most demanding snooker coaching courses in the world.

My most successful coaching story so far is Michael Leslie, I started to coach Michael when he was 12 years old and gradually he got better and better, soon he was the number 1 junior in Scotlands under 16s and a year later was Scottish under 19s number 1 player, he then went on to win the European under 21s in Bulgaria in 2012 which earned him his professional card and is now playing on the main tour.

Not only am I his coach but we are good friends after spending so much time together on the green baize.

This time I am here to stay, I am determined to be one of the best coaches in the World.