Steven Geddes Number 2 in Scotland under 16s

I have been getting coached from Chris now for about a year and my game has improved massively. I think ifIhadn’t received coaching from ChrisIwould still be at the same standard but my coaching has seen me rise to number 2 in Scotland at under 16 level. He is a great guy to work with and the coaching is a great experience.

Seb Zsajko

I have now been seeing Chris for over a year now and have notice a great improvement in my game. Without the lessonsIknowIwould still be at the same standard andInow understand the game alot better now. For example aiming, what height to address the cue ball and not having to strike the cue ball all that hard. Coaching with Chris is a great experience as he puts in lots of effort trying to improve your game and he is a really nice guy too.

George Duff

Chris has a rare ability to analyse what is wrong with your game and technique within the first lesson and possesses the knowledge required to address your problems and provide solutions. He puts the same commitment into his coaching that he put in to his game as a top flight professional player. I am 59 years of age and had never hit a ball until 3 years ago. On my first lesson with Chris he asked what I would like to achieve in the game. I saidIwould be delighted ifIcould get a 50 break as my highest was 34.  I have had 20 hours with Chris and in the last 3 lessonsIhave had breaks of 46, 49 and 63. Chris is a great coach and a great guy and the both of us get on remarkably well.
WPBSA Chairman - Jason Ferguson

Martin Millar

i have been playing for over 20 years with very little improvement. Frustration and desire to improve led me to seek Chris out. HadIknown the resultsIwould have done so much sooner.  I can not recommend Chris highly enough not only is he a great coach but he is also a really nice bloke. Thanks for all your help and advice Chris its much appreciated.

Angus Stewart

After a couple of visits to see Chris he helped me with my confidence around the table and improved my line of aim and also helped me achieve bigger breaks more consistently. I credit my victory in one of the biggest tournaments at my snooker club to Chris as this was my debut season playing competitions andIdon’t thinkIwould have got out the group never mind win the final. I would recommend Chris to anyone that is looking to make improvements to any part of their game.

Kenny Macpherson

I received 4 and a half hours of snooker enlightenment from Chris during my half day session. A fantastic session where after a mere 30 minutes he had picked out where my major faults lay. A fantastic coach, great bloke and even takes the trouble to send a detailed email containing the main points to go away and work on. When a player who reached number 12 in the world and won a world ranking event tells you where you are going wrong, you listen. In factIenjoyed myself that much whenIwas there thatIhave just re booked for a full days coaching in a couple of weeks.
Professional Snooker Player - Mike Dunn

Michael Leslie World number 92

I’ve been working with Chris for about 8 years now andIcouldn’t ask for a better coach. From my early junior days to now being a pro, he is still teaching me new things all the time. So he can coach all standard of players from beginners right through to professional players. He always works me really hard and whenever I’ve seen him coaching other people he is the exact same. I must say that he is also a top class and very down to earth guy. Theres not many coaches that can say they started out with a junior player and got them to European champion and then into the professional game. There is also not many coaches that have won a world ranking event, and because he has been there and done it he is great for players like me to talk to about the mental side of the game also. Anyone looking to improve their game look no further than Chris, you will not regret it.

John Flannelly

Last year I started to play snooker regularly again after a break of 15 years or so and really struggled to get anywhere near my previous level. I had a session with Chris who identified a couple of flaws that had crept into my technique thatIcould resolve immediately. He also identified some further areas for technical improvement that, after putting some practice hours in have made a big change to my game. I know he has some more ideas for our next session but, quite rightly, he didn’t want to fill my head with too many things at once. I am now making the breaksIused to make whenIplayed regularly as a teenager and looking forward to further improving my game with Chris’ help.

Richard Holden

Chris doesnt over complicate technique, which is one reason he is a brilliant coach.He has shown me how to decompose things into building blocks and focus on routines that develop consistency and concentration. It is all concrete and pragmatic advice based on his observations of how you play, this is why it works so well. I had a block of 10 lessons which consisted of one hour per week which i have finished now. I have then went away and worked on all the things we covered and im just about to start another block of 10 lessons very soon.

EX-Professional and Commentator - Neal Foulds

Darren Gilbertson

With me being a player thats capable of playing at a high standard i found i was lacking alot of self belief and consistency. So i decided to book a lesson with chris who i now use as a regular coach, and was very surprised at how many bad habits i had picked up but with chris being so knowledgable and experienced in the game spent a lot of time and effort in fixing my mindset and consistency and i now feel i am cueing as well as ever now on a more consistent basis. I would recommend chris to anyone that wants to try and improve their game.

Dylan Craig  Scottish number 8 and last years European under 18 champion

I really enjoy my coaching sessions with chris, and I really learned a lot about my game in just a couple of sessions with chris. Last year i phoned chris during the european u18s as i was really struggling and chris gave me 2 or 3 simple things to concentrate on during the rest of the tournament. Thankfully i found some form and went on to become european u18 champion. Im really looking forward to our next session.

Craig Macgillivray Scotlands number 1 amateur and former professional

I have had a few lessons with chris and im so glad that i did. He sorted me out immediately with my line of aim which has made a big difference to my confidence. Apart from being a lifelong friend he is a fantastic coach with an ability of simply getting things across. You are guaranteed 100% of chris’s attention during a coaching session and he also puts in 100% effort.